Today is a special day! We have so far published 200 posts. Every day, except the weekends (because it’s not an obligation, it’s a pleasure) there is a special artwork to be seen here!

Thanks to Fernanda Marth, who every single Friday collaborates with this blog and to Pedro Perurena, who occasionally, but not less important, contributes here too. Thanks to all the subscribers, the artists and galleries that send me by email their news and suggestions, the twitter followers and to you that come here to check out the daily post because you like art as much as me! ;)

So to celebrate the day, I choose Joan Miró’s work. I’ve been at Tate Modern a few weeks ago and I was absolutely amazed by the huge and well -done exhibition. It’s the first major retrospective called The Ladder of Scape at Tate for nearly 50 years. Miró had completely changed his style along the years and you will see here a chronological order of some of his important paintings and the ones that I like most.  Enjoy ;D Luana

“I understand the artist to be someone who, amidst the silence of others, use his voice to say something, and who has the obligation that this thing not be useless but something that offers a service to man. For the fact of  being able to say something, when the majority of people do not have the option of expressing themselves, obliges this voice in some way to be prophetic. To be, in a certain sense, the voice of its community…For when an artist speaks in an environment in which freedom is difficult, he must turn each of his works into a negation of the negations, in an untying of all oppressions, all prejudices, and all the false established values.” Joan Miró, 1979

The Rut, 1918

The Farm, 1921

Catalan Landscape (The Hunter), 1923

Harlequin’s Carnival, 1924

Catalan Peasant with a guitar, 1924

Head of a Catalan Peasant (Tête de Paysan Catalan), 1925

Dog Barking at the moon, 1926

Painting, 1927

Painting (Head), 1927

Still Life with Lamp, 1928

The two philosophers, 1936

Head, 1937

Still Life with Old Shoe, 1937

Portrait IV, 1938

The passage of the divine bird, 1941

Women encircled by the flight, 1941

Blue III, 1961

Burnt Canvas I, 1973

The Hope of a Condemned Man I, 1974

Fireworks I, 1974

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2 Responses to “#200”

  1. hfanti said

    parabéns, luana! segue ótimo o site e miró é massa mesmo. quando quiser vir ver a fundaçao joan miró aqui, é só agendar. ;)

  2. Lua said

    Valeu Fanti!! Na verdade eu já fui lá e achei bem legal! Ia ser bom revisitar Barcelona e a fundação!! ;D beijos

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