Yesterday it was raining (crap weather) and I was walking near Oxford Street in London when I saw a guy lying on the floor full of tools, inks and brushes. He was observing a building while painting over a tiny chewing gum. Yes, it was Ben Wilson, the artist that I have mentioned here before. He was painting the Centre Point (one of London’s tallest buildings) on pieces of discarded chewing gum. He was also trying to avoid police attention since street art like that is illegal in London.

Have bumped into him made my day, not just because he is a talented artist who has lovely artworks, but also because we had a great chat and he was so friendly.

It was my pleasure Ben. ;)

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2 Responses to “#202”

  1. Lori said

    Would love an address(es) as I’ll be traveling to London for the first time next month and I would love to see some of his work. I’m worried the size will have me missing it if I don’t know exactly where to look!

    • Lua said

      I’m afraid we never know where he is going to be!! I was really lucky to bump into him! ;)

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