Giant animals by ROA

If you live in East London you will find this post a common place especially because you have already seen these graffiti on the streets. However, I would like to show this artwork for everyone that appreciates street art. I love it and I always smile when I walk past one of these giants on the street. Thanks ROA for cheering up my days. ;)

(Great Eastern St)

(Club Row St)

(Hackney Road)

(Car Parking at Hackney Road)

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2 Responses to “#223”

  1. rnhallier said

    The giant animal art piece is in fact by Belgian street artist ROA.

  2. Lua said

    Hi, Thanks for sharing. I know it’s ROA but I guess I didn’t know it an year ago and somehow thought was this other guy.

    Thanks again and I will change it asap. ;) Best wishes, Lua

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