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This blog is about art, bullshit or whatever creative stuff I come across. However, I can tell you, don’t expect elaborate thoughts or accurate knowledge. It is more simple than that. I’ve just bumped into it and even fallen in love or hated. At least, I can tell you that I have some sense and I have fun. And that’s it. Please, feel more than welcome to send your artwork, any suggestions, criticism or tips. luakaderabek@gmail.com

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The London-based Brazilian Luana Kaderabek is a Digital Anthropologist graduated from UCL who works with trends forecasting research and loves visual art, social sciences, design and blogging.


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5 Responses to “Get in touch”

  1. Thank you very much for sharing my works!

    best wishes,


  2. Ciler said

    Hey!. My name is Ciler, i’m from Mexico City and i would like to show you my artistic work.
    i love your web site and i would love to be showcased in it.
    Please review my work in:

    best regards
    Alexis Mata
    a.k.a Ciler

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  4. Hi ! I’m Nathan, I’m an artist from Belgium.

    I’m making handmade linoleum prints, here is my work : http://www.n-g.be

    I’ hope you’ll like it, I hope you’ll share it ! :)

    Have a very very very very nice day.


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