Thais Revoire was born in the South of Brazil and nowadays she lives in São Paulo.

She is well -known for developing an original collage style that has its similarities with painting, in which she uses pieces of paper as paintbrush. In fact, these cutting techniques used as brushstrokes occurs many times in her process. Using glue, she then creates textures and image aging.

The artist make use of paintings/textures that she likes to shape the scenery and then later adds narratives full of characters and  jokes.
She reinforces the cutting outline without losing integrity and harmony.
Who is the guest of the day: Alex Sernambi

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When the Brazilian artist Felipe de Mira first started seeing the INSULATION TAPE as a potential ink, a new world came up on his hands. De Mira’s work is marked by its colorful meticulous language and last year he’s found a new way to keep those characteristics and going to a different material and support. What I like the most of this job is how rich the details are regarding surfaces’ size as well as the idea of using an unusual material as a paint.

Who is the guest of the day: Paula Plim is a Brazilian artist that gets inspired from the streets and by ordinary, everyday things. She lives in Porto Alegre and here we can see some of her art works here.


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A temporary and unique show is happening in France. It combines design, creativity and a passion for wine-making. New and vintage Atelier Fornasetti furniture pieces are on show at The Fornasetti Exhibition together with unseen drawings and paintings by the legendary Piero Fornasetti. The designer Barnaba Fornasetti, son of Piero, has produced a series of original works which symbolize the context in which they are displayed: the rich Burgundy soil, the strength with which they imbue Burgundy’s wines, as well as the sensitivity and femininity that are strong themes in the region. Then, he designed an original piece of furniture, The “L’Obélisque”, an exclusive label for a special edition to Maison Joseph Drouhin of their cuvée “Clos des Mouches, L’Ouvrée des Dames”, a symbol of femininity, and limited edition wooden cases each one adorned with an original motif. The exhibition is at Galerie Epokhé, in Beaune, Burgundy until January 29, 2012.

Who is the guest of the day: Keli Lynn Boop, journalist addicted to juice chlorophyll, love wine & art, weight and exotic things (not necessarily in that order). Want to know more? Click here: www.urgemag.com.br.


The latest re-invention by Barnaba Fornasetti, a new variation on the “trumeau” theme which takes a sideways look at the iconic face of the singer Lina Cavalieri.

Material: Wood.  Technique: hand-printed and hand-lacquered.

[Mirror “Canneté”]

Concave mirror surrounded by four small convex mirrors, with truncated pyramid shaped frame.

[Mirror “Optical”]

Four convex mirrors decreasing in size with wooden frame

[Ceramic vase “Smilzo con cilindro nero”]

Hand made. Limited edition of 99 pieces.

[Ceramic vase “Serratura rigato rosso”]

Hand made. Limited edition of 499 pieces.

[Chair “Lux Gstaad”]

Wood. Printed, lacquered and painted by hand.

[“L’Obélisque” Litomatrice]

Obelisk in oak wood aged 30 years hand-lined with zinc-alloy plates, original one-off pieces from the 50’s, used for lithographic printing. The obelisk has a removable container used to store horizontally a Jéboam bottle (3 liters) of “Clos des Mouches” 2005 from the Maison Drouhin.


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Arturo Herrera is a Venezuelan contemporary artist born in 1959, who lives and works in Berlin and New York. Herrera’s work include sculpture, wall painting, photography, collage and more.

Today I would like to highlight his collage works, which he has been practicing since the beginning of his career.

Using fragments of images from founding cartoons and coloring books, he creates a hybrid context that explores the contradiction between memory and strangeness, innocence and brutality.

His collages are near the limit of figuration and very close to abstraction. His work is part of the MOMA‘s collection, in  New York.

Posted by Bruno Osório

Who is the guest of the day: Bruno Osório is a brazilian artist based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Art of the day has a surprise for you!

During the following days we will have an unique edition with very special guests from Brazil posting here!
Stay tuned! It will be worth a visit! ;D

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Clouds to take you up by Bente Skjøttgaard

[Stoneware and glaze, hand built ]

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New interesting doc series about street art that you can watch on their website here.

Check out the trailler and the two first episodes to have a taste.

Posted by Gus Bozzetti :D




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Feral Family painted by kirsty whiten

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Swimmers by the photographer Wayne Levin

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Nick Cave‘s sound suits to start the week very well! ;)

Watch below the recent performance to the opening at Mary Boone Gallery in NY.

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