Partisan Memorials in former Yugoslavia

While everybody is looking at new materials and modern constructions, let’s inspire ourselves in other direction: massive old concrete monuments. These are memorials in former Yugoslavia, stem of socialist modernist art in the early 60’s. They express strength and resistance. Beautiful and powerful crazy things in the middle of nowhere. They open scene for numerous associations; they could be ambassadors from far-away stars, or from a different, unrealised present.

Kosara / Bosnia and Herzegovina

Krusevo / Macedonia

Kosmaj / Serbia

Sutjeska / Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Red Pavillion by Jean Nouvel

This year, the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, in the middle of Hyde Park, in London is designed by world-renowned French architect Jean Nouvel. Everything is red and inviting for the game.
Unfortunately it’s a temporary installation and it will be finish by the 17th October.
Find out more: serpentinegallery.org
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One of the latest works of the Japanese sculptor and installer Tadashi Kawamata can be seen on the facade of theĀ Centre Pompidou, in Paris until October 23.

Working with simple materials in urban spaces, these birds timber huts contrast with the huge structures of Pompidou and highlights our fragile existence in this world.

Via Archdaily