Sculpture by Diego Figueroa

The artist argue that in order to entirely understand an artwork the beholder needs to reconstruct this empty space that there is between what has lead the artist to make this art and the proper representation of the artwork itself. It’s true!

This artwork also reminds me that the ideas that inhabit our mind are build up from many pieces of fragments of something else. Quiet deep thoughts, ahn?!  ;)


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ATRA, an ‘exhibition book’

The astonishing artwork of the talented Brazilian artist Bruno Novelli (the guy in the first picture) is about to be exhibited simultaneously in two different cities around the world: Buenos Aires (AR) and Porto Alegre (BR) are the lucky cities.

Starting tomorrow, ATRA will present unpretentious and casual drawings created during his painting breaks. And a splendid 20 limited edition book will be available as another way to see and support the show.

See part of the exhibition below (the B/W draws) and find out more info here.

The other colored paintings are not part of the show, but were finalized in 2011 too. Enjoy! ;)

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