Character Heads

See below the classic collection of busts made out of marble and bronze, with weird facial expressions by the German-Austrian Sculptor Franz Xaver Messerschmidt. The interesting about this artwork is that Franz was suffering from an undiagnosed disease with lots of discomfort when he started to pay attention to his facial expressions in a mirror.  In order to focus away from his bad situation he decides to record these expressions in sculptures.

I had the opportunity to see this work the last time I’ve been at the beautiful Belvedere, in Vienna, which is absolutely worth a visit.

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Egon Schiele (1890-1918 – Austria): most of his prolific and intense work can be seen at Leopold Museum Vienna. Because of his appearance and personality, he was considered the “James Dean” in the art field. Dark and fragile at the same time, he inspires me. I think it goes with some Joy Division songs. Pay attention to the way he signs his name: in a box.

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Mercedes Helnwein has a flick of indie in her work with these large scale pencil drawings. I’m addicted to this “art noir film” atmosphere.

I also love her videos for superlative conspiracy (Wesc).

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