The cleaver design of Patrick Thomas

Images via nellyduff

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If it is raining outside let’s put some astonishing and colorful paintings here by the Spanish artist Yago Hortal to cheer up our soul! Have a nice week! ;)

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Content is Queen: a generative video painting by Sergio Albiac

This video art reflects on the foundations of democracy against the resilient nature of structures of power. There is double sense here since he talks about the Queen avoiding the conventional painting technique by using an innovative method.

In this project, he paints through fragments of videos at different sizes on a digital canvas.

Via sergioalbiac.com

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Bestué/ Vives. Live and work in Barcelona is a performance by David Bestué and Marc Vives from Spain. That is an interesting video and according to the authors there is a particular visual language, as much based on Dadaist or even Situationist strategies as it is on theatrical practise and early film productions. It is also a poetic obsession with detail.

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