This week’s video is from the English artist JKB Fletcher. He builds up a women’s face painting step by step as if she was a super hero.

Find out more: http://www.jkbfletcher.com/

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Hide and Seek photographic series by the French artist Frederique Daubal.

He cut out pages from fashion magazines and sliced them into fringe, looking like masks similar to Muslim niqābs.

You can find this and many others cool ‘body projects’ in the book Doppelganger, Images of the human being 2011, which is absolutely fantastic!!

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by the Melbourne based artist and Creative Director Leif Podhajsky

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Kim Joon’s body art!

Via kimjoon.co.kr



Bodies in urban spaces is a temporary performance / human installation taking place in many cities around the world, in which dancers pile up their  bodies in a choreographed way.  It is directed by  Willi Dorner and photographed by Lisa Rastl.

As a friend of mine said: ‘What if one of them had a full English breakfast?” ;P

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