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Drawings by Landon Graves

I love this idea of missing body parts in the drawing. This absence of the whole is in a way very similar with how our memories work: in fragments, so fragile, that even using the most powerful technologies, our minds cannot remember 100% of scenes and facts, otherwise we would get insane.

Have a lovely week, with plenty of gaps! ;D

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Creative materials and original statues and busts by Nick Van Woert

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Interesting self portraits studies by the photographer Grabriela Herman.

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Beat the Champ by Cory Arcangel at Barbican Centre till May 22 

Perfectly explained on Barbican’s website: “Brooklyn-based Cory Arcangel is one of the leading media artists of his generation. He often appropriates, manipulates and subverts new media, including video games, computer software and the internet.”

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The Dumpster Project by the Brooklyn-based artist Mac Premo

Watch the brief explanation below and see his everyday catalog here: thedumpsterproject.com

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