Hyper-realistic sculptures by Jamie Salmon

(Fragment #3. Silicone, pigment, fiberglass, acrylic and hair)


(Fragment #1. Resin, pigment)


(Fragment #4.Epoxy, pigment, aluminum, acrylic and hair

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This post is for those who didn’t have the opportunity to see the remarkable exhibition by Jake and Dinos Chapman that finished last week at the White Cube galleries.

In Mayfair’s White Cube, the Nazis were looking at the paintings on the walls. In the Hoxton’s gallery you would take a while to realise that all those mini children were actually sculptures, just to later look at their animal faces. So impressive. However, what I liked the most was the ‘evil chapel’ on the second floor, full of busts of saints shockingly deformed.

At the end of the video below, there is a view of the chapel, don’t miss that out. ;D

Picture via Guardian

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Creative materials and original statues and busts by Nick Van Woert

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