Digressing from the latest trends of image processing perfections, Alex Sernambi offers an insight into the beauty of crude and fictional collages.

He translates his taste for the interpretation of an imaginative and symbolic future into an exclusive images exhibition titled About Tomorrow at ECARTA in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The show presents the work of three different artists, focusing in a collective imagery about the future with humor and irreverence.

See exclusive images gallery below for highlights from the show.

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Thais Revoire was born in the South of Brazil and nowadays she lives in São Paulo.

She is well -known for developing an original collage style that has its similarities with painting, in which she uses pieces of paper as paintbrush. In fact, these cutting techniques used as brushstrokes occurs many times in her process. Using glue, she then creates textures and image aging.

The artist make use of paintings/textures that she likes to shape the scenery and then later adds narratives full of characters and  jokes.
She reinforces the cutting outline without losing integrity and harmony.
Who is the guest of the day: Alex Sernambi

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Arturo Herrera is a Venezuelan contemporary artist born in 1959, who lives and works in Berlin and New York. Herrera’s work include sculpture, wall painting, photography, collage and more.

Today I would like to highlight his collage works, which he has been practicing since the beginning of his career.

Using fragments of images from founding cartoons and coloring books, he creates a hybrid context that explores the contradiction between memory and strangeness, innocence and brutality.

His collages are near the limit of figuration and very close to abstraction. His work is part of the MOMA‘s collection, in  New York.

Posted by Bruno Osório

Who is the guest of the day: Bruno Osório is a brazilian artist based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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I FORGET MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW. Inspiring collages and pics by Dash Snow.

Posted by Fe Marth

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The pop American culture’s portrait by Greg Miller

Via screamlondon

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Polaroid and collage series by Serum Venom x Victor Antonio II


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All that is unseen – Installation by Matthew Stone

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Really cool collage by Winston Chmielinski

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Hilary Pecis creates digital landscapes by searching Google images.

Using the top 100 image results after ‘googling’ perfect sunsets the artist created a digital collage called 100 Perfect sunsets. Using the same logic she also did Better than a double rainbow and other artworks.

Better than a double rainbow

100 Perfect Sunsets


Via guerrerogallery

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Hide and Seek photographic series by the French artist Frederique Daubal.

He cut out pages from fashion magazines and sliced them into fringe, looking like masks similar to Muslim niqābs.

You can find this and many others cool ‘body projects’ in the book Doppelganger, Images of the human being 2011, which is absolutely fantastic!!

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