Digressing from the latest trends of image processing perfections, Alex Sernambi offers an insight into the beauty of crude and fictional collages.

He translates his taste for the interpretation of an imaginative and symbolic future into an exclusive images exhibition titled About Tomorrow at ECARTA in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The show presents the work of three different artists, focusing in a collective imagery about the future with humor and irreverence.

See exclusive images gallery below for highlights from the show.

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Awesome illustrations seen on the fabulous Nobrow MAG by London-based artist Eda Akaltun
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Hilary Pecis creates digital landscapes by searching Google images.

Using the top 100 image results after ‘googling’ perfect sunsets the artist created a digital collage called 100 Perfect sunsets. Using the same logic she also did Better than a double rainbow and other artworks.

Better than a double rainbow

100 Perfect Sunsets


Via guerrerogallery

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