Photography In Abundance by Eric Kessels presents a million photos uploaded from Flickr, Facebook and Google in one single day of our lives.

Interesting to literally ‘see’ the the huge amount of visual information on a daily basis. This cool installation makes us to realize how much info we consume, share and produce on our digital activities.

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Have you heard about Virtual Sculpture? It’s exactly what this work is about!

As the artist Kim Asendorf explains:  “Can’t see 3D is an automated virtual sculptor. Once an hour it grabs an URL from the database and uses the images from that page as source material for the sculptural process. Each sculpture exists just for a very short moment, and just in a virtual space…. This service is highly limited to 1 URL per hour. It will start on Monday, October 17th and will be totally disabled after 30 days.”

How cool! Check out all the outcomes here.

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Satellite Collections by jenny odell


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Prints by digital artist Andy Gilmore that can also be seen in a previous post here.
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Portraits painted from Skype conversations by Sandro Kopp

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Soft porn for a soft weekend. Censured positions by Von Brandis

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114.psd Type by the designer Emilio Gomariz has a perfect execution and a fantastic idea!

Via emiliogomariz.net

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