The Vanitas is a current contemporary exhibition at Sutton House (Tudor home built in 1531) in Hackney, London. Using different techniques, the artists Iluá Hauck da Silva, Sophia Schorr-Kon, Alice Hodge, and Lawrence Owen explore the Vanitas theme, based on the Dutch painting style of the XVI and XVII centuries.

The art of dining is a side project that is also worth a look. It takes the atmosphere of the show to incorporate food, art and design in five-day pop up banquet. Check out the next one here

[Iluá Hauck da Silva, ‘Veins of Vanity’ ]

[Sophia Schorr-Kon, “Delphines Call’ ]

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Nocturnal is a solo exhibition by the contemporary artist Snik that I have the pleasure to see on this East First Thursdays at The Gallery, in Shoreditch, London. It runs until 6th November 2011.

With interesting color composition the show presents a different perspective in seeing street art techniques such as stencil into frames and gallery spaces. The paintings are made out of stencil/Acrylic and Inc on canvas or metal.  ;)

[Nocturnal Preview with Snik]

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Some highlights of the Moniker Art Fair in London.


[Wall painted by D*face]

[Inside] [Txemy]

[“Made in China”. Artwork made out of more than 5.000 soldiers by Joe Black]



[Matt Small]

[“A Pill a Day”. Bronze sculpture by Beejoir]

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London Riots / Crimes of The Unheard by WH Seo

‘The work is loosely based on a picture of a burning bus in Tottenham. Buses under everyday circumstances are very functional things. They take you places, often in my experience places where you want to be. Buses are different to tube trains. You can see where you are going, you can see where you are, and you can see the world of the city taking place before your very eyes…The bus in the picture is not taking anyone anywhere, this bus has no driver and this bus has no passengers. This bus has turned into something else, teeming with rage and negativity. This bus has lost its purpose, it can still see but it has nowhere to go its wheels are molten plastic stuck to the tarmac. This bus is alive with frustration and resentment with revulsion of itself and anything around it, spitting and spraying flames.’

Read the full text here

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Giant animals by ROA

If you live in East London you will find this post a common place especially because you have already seen these graffiti on the streets. However, I would like to show this artwork for everyone that appreciates street art. I love it and I always smile when I walk past one of these giants on the street. Thanks ROA for cheering up my days. ;)

(Great Eastern St)

(Club Row St)

(Hackney Road)

(Car Parking at Hackney Road)

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Reaching for the sky, this will be a new big looping colored tower created by the award winning London-based artist Anish Kapoor. Being compared to the Tower Eiffel it is going to be an impressive new icon of British art at Stratford area, London. The aim of that construction is to help to increase the tourism in this area after the 2012 Olympics game.

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