Giant sculptures and their abstract forms, gentle shapes, weird creatures with wonderful expressions by Aaron Curry.

Phantom, 2010. Painted wood

Mr. Square in Flatland (Reclining), 2009. Painted wood, aluminum base.

The Monad Has Wheels (Penguin Bear), 2010. Silkscreen on wood, powder coated aluminum.

Mammut, 2010. Powder coated aluminum.

Untitled, 2010. Painted wood.

The Scarecrow’s Wife, 2009. Silkscreen on wood, steel.

Ohnedaruth, 2009. Steel.

Man with Sword and Sunbeam, 2009. Painted aluminum.

Face Face Socialite (Harlequin in Grisaille), 2009. Painted wood.

Pierced Line (Brown Goblinoid), 2008. Wood, rope, paint.

Danny Skullface Sky Boat (Reclining), 2009. Paint on anodized aluminum.

Shack #15, 2006. Painted wood, rope, and resin.

Via artnet and david kordansky gallery



I love the idea of tiny paintings like these ones done by the artist Amy Bennett .

The first one below I’ve seen at Frieze Art Fair and the other ones are part of an installation called OUT IN THE OPEN at Gallery Madnus Karlsson.

LEFTOVERS, 2010 – Oil on panel, 10×15 com

Via galleri magnus karlsson



Paintings with delicate shades and lights by Troy Brauntuch.

Via Artnet and Frieze



Wondering about the future?

Muntean / Rosenblum



Do you know when you lay your eyes on something and think that it is made out of a specific material, but then, you look closer and realize it is not?

In fact, it was just an optical illusion, your imagination or the talent of some artists tricking you into seeing something that is not quite what it seems.

These works are a great example of that.

Helene Appel

From Gagosian Gallery

Daniel Sinsel

From hiromiyoshii, Tokyo



Mia Farrow and Isabelle Huppert by Dawn Mellor!



Berlinde De Bruyckere



Below, there is a compilation of some diverse and interesting paintings that I saw at Frieze Art Fair last month. These paintings have incorporated multiple other materials besides ink, including clothes, pure pigment, studs, glitter, loam, wool, embroidery, ultra-chrome on aluminum, Plexiglas, polystyrene, thread, plaster and glue, etc.

Donald Moffett

Jason Martin


Jonathan Monk

Rosemarie Trockel

Farhad Moshiri

Rob Pruitt

Thomas Locher

Ivan Morley

Dan Colen

Andreas Slominski

Tauba Auerbach

Adriana Varej√£o



Georg Herold



Color, color color! Loads of vivid colors and neon stuff at Frieze Art Fair 2010!

Rob Pruitt

Seth Price

Peter Halley

Peter Zimmermann

Elaine Sturtevant

Mariana Palma

Ian Davenport

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