Beautiful birds and style painted by Maurizio Bongiovanni

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Absolutely astonishing portraits by the Italian artist Maurizio Anzeri. He mixes colored threads with photos resulting in delightful pieces of art.

Coincidentally, yesterday I saw his latest collaboration for Another Magazine in a fashion shoot with other professionals. Check it out here.

Via: saatchi-gallery.co.uk/artists/maurizio_anzeri



Impressive sculptures by the Italian artist Caterina Silenzi

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As part of Turin Mural Art Festival, artist Pseudo painted these fabulous walls in the streets of Turin.

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Visual and sound performances by Franz Rosati



Chewing Gum Art

1. Astonishing sculptures made by the classic pink chewing gum by the Italian artist Maurizio Savini.

2. If you pay attention to the London’s ground maybe you will bump into Ben Wilson chewing gum’s work. He is a London based artist who creates incredible tiny works of art by painting onto chewing gum stuck to the pavement.

Galley of his work, via Flickr

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I know it is not new at all, but after going to Italy I had to post this! :-)

Although the Italian artist Michelangelo was well -known for his famous sculptures, such as David and Pieta (below) I had the opportunity to see both, painting and sculptures in my recent visit at Florence and Rome and I dare to say that the painting made my jaws drop much more than the sculptures.

Because of his painting in the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling that I realize how genius he was and how amazing his work was since the Renascence period. Besides, he took four years to paint all the Chapel.

Everyone deserves to see with their own eyes the Sistine Chapel, In Vaticane Museum, in Rome. The magnitude, the bright and shades, the depth of field, the brilliant colours, the harmony and the details of each story behind the brushstroke is felt from the foot to the head. He also made use of the space painting over columns, giving the sensation of seeing a 3d picture.

Unfortunately, we cannot take pictures inside the chapel, so the pictures were researched by google and is just a small taste of it.

Sculptures David and Pieta, respectively:

The Sistine Chapel, inside the Vatican Museum:



Sculptures and installations made by woodcarving by the Italian artist Willy Verginer.

The work below is entitled ‘disequilibri’.

Find out more: http://www.verginer.com/eng/index.php



Installation called Scanner by  the Eslovak artist Matej Krén. It was specially created to the Bologna Museum of Modern Art, in Italy. The detail is that the artwork was all made by books.



Sade for Sade’s Sake by Paul Chan is an animation inspired on Marquis de Sade. It was presented in the Venice Biennale 2009.

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