Big five by James Jean

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CONNECTED is a self- portrait life-size sculpture made out of steel, CAT5 and other cables by Kasey McMahon.

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The pop American culture’s portrait by Greg Miller

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‘Phallic’ sculptures to inspire the week by Ken Price=)

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Bronson Caves by Brice Bichhoff

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David Smith (1906-65): Cubes and Anarchy

The exhibition runs till 24 July at LACMA in Los Angeles.

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Range Rover Evoque is behind the Global Geo Art project and invited OK Go, Henry Holland, Josh Rubin, Natasha Slater, and Mia Freedman, with the Pulse of the City app to digitally draw on the streets of their cities. As part of the project, people all over the world could participate and upload their contents on helloevoque.com, which were selected later by OK Go to be in the film.  The Pulse of the City app allows the user to create vivid data visualizations of their movements across cities, getting the graphical representation of their journeys on the Iphone. Watch the Geo Art video and the Henry Holland’s talk tour in London.

Great to be inspired and start to interact with the cities by creating our own digital giant canvas! ;)

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More and more street art has been getting space inside galleries and museums.

Being the very first major U.S. museum exhibition of graffiti and street art, MOCA is presenting the exhibition Art in the streets with plenty of installations, graffiti, illustrations and artworks from artists all over the world, including some originals from Banksy, Invader and the Brazilian duo Os Gemeos.

The exhibition started this weekend and runs till August 8th. I wish I could go! ;)

Pictures from: mymodernmet

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See some collage and altered found images by the Los Angeles – based artist Gordon Magnin.

Checking out his website I found a funny description about his work. Have a look here.

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Via gordonmagnin.com



New Banksy’s street art in LA.

According to The Guardian Banksy’s art work had appeared in various locations across the city. It seems he is publicizing his Oscar-nominated documentary The Exit Through the Gift Shop there, just before the final judgment. The movie is nominated in the best documentary category.

Just a quick thought: Do you think he will show up to the ceremony?

Via Banksy

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