Giant sculptures and their abstract forms, gentle shapes, weird creatures with wonderful expressions by Aaron Curry.

Phantom, 2010. Painted wood

Mr. Square in Flatland (Reclining), 2009. Painted wood, aluminum base.

The Monad Has Wheels (Penguin Bear), 2010. Silkscreen on wood, powder coated aluminum.

Mammut, 2010. Powder coated aluminum.

Untitled, 2010. Painted wood.

The Scarecrow’s Wife, 2009. Silkscreen on wood, steel.

Ohnedaruth, 2009. Steel.

Man with Sword and Sunbeam, 2009. Painted aluminum.

Face Face Socialite (Harlequin in Grisaille), 2009. Painted wood.

Pierced Line (Brown Goblinoid), 2008. Wood, rope, paint.

Danny Skullface Sky Boat (Reclining), 2009. Paint on anodized aluminum.

Shack #15, 2006. Painted wood, rope, and resin.

Via artnet and david kordansky gallery



ASTONISHING and unique book sculptures and an interesting book installation by Mike Stilkey.

I would love to have one of these book sculptures at home!

(Charles Bukowski above)

Via fecalface

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