London Riots / Crimes of The Unheard by WH Seo

‘The work is loosely based on a picture of a burning bus in Tottenham. Buses under everyday circumstances are very functional things. They take you places, often in my experience places where you want to be. Buses are different to tube trains. You can see where you are going, you can see where you are, and you can see the world of the city taking place before your very eyes…The bus in the picture is not taking anyone anywhere, this bus has no driver and this bus has no passengers. This bus has turned into something else, teeming with rage and negativity. This bus has lost its purpose, it can still see but it has nowhere to go its wheels are molten plastic stuck to the tarmac. This bus is alive with frustration and resentment with revulsion of itself and anything around it, spitting and spraying flames.’

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(Mare Street, 4pm, August 9, 2011)

London Riots in Hackney by Leon Mark & Ruben Moreira


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