DAVID BOWIE IS!! I had an honour to go to Bowie’s exhibition preview at the V&A in London this year and  I finally had time to finish off the video about it with exclusive interview + footage from the show. ENJOY IT!!



The Vanitas is a current contemporary exhibition at Sutton House (Tudor home built in 1531) in Hackney, London. Using different techniques, the artists Iluá Hauck da Silva, Sophia Schorr-Kon, Alice Hodge, and Lawrence Owen explore the Vanitas theme, based on the Dutch painting style of the XVI and XVII centuries.

The art of dining is a side project that is also worth a look. It takes the atmosphere of the show to incorporate food, art and design in five-day pop up banquet. Check out the next one here

[Iluá Hauck da Silva, ‘Veins of Vanity’ ]

[Sophia Schorr-Kon, “Delphines Call’ ]

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The Damien Hirst‘s exhibition (with all his key works from over twenty years) at Tate Modern is absolutely unmissable and can be quite disturbing as well.

I’ve taken a few pictures with my phone and here are the ones that highlight his work on death or life.

[Him, “With Dead Head”]

[All mosaics made out of butterflies]

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My mind is full of confronting ideas and expectations right now and this artwork by the artist Hans Hollein for the Venice Biennale in 1980 could perfectly represent these multiple facades of myself . ;)

Can’t wait to see the special reproduction made for the V&A Pos-modernism’s exhibition. Get the info here.


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Nocturnal is a solo exhibition by the contemporary artist Snik that I have the pleasure to see on this East First Thursdays at The Gallery, in Shoreditch, London. It runs until 6th November 2011.

With interesting color composition the show presents a different perspective in seeing street art techniques such as stencil into frames and gallery spaces. The paintings are made out of stencil/Acrylic and Inc on canvas or metal.  ;)

[Nocturnal Preview with Snik]

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Some highlights of the Moniker Art Fair in London.


[Wall painted by D*face]

[Inside] [Txemy]

[“Made in China”. Artwork made out of more than 5.000 soldiers by Joe Black]



[Matt Small]

[“A Pill a Day”. Bronze sculpture by Beejoir]

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Semi-Detached by Dale Grimshaw

Beautiful! I wish I was in London to see it! More info here. ;)

Posted by Gus Bozzetti

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Crochetdermy by Shauna Richardson

There is no need to kill animals anymore.  ;D

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Silver Streak, a giant gorilla’s sculpture made of hangers by David Mach was one of the main attractions at the V&A, as part of the London Design Festival 2011

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This post is for those who didn’t have the opportunity to see the remarkable exhibition by Jake and Dinos Chapman that finished last week at the White Cube galleries.

In Mayfair’s White Cube, the Nazis were looking at the paintings on the walls. In the Hoxton’s gallery you would take a while to realise that all those mini children were actually sculptures, just to later look at their animal faces. So impressive. However, what I liked the most was the ‘evil chapel’ on the second floor, full of busts of saints shockingly deformed.

At the end of the video below, there is a view of the chapel, don’t miss that out. ;D

Picture via Guardian

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