Thais Revoire was born in the South of Brazil and nowadays she lives in São Paulo.

She is well -known for developing an original collage style that has its similarities with painting, in which she uses pieces of paper as paintbrush. In fact, these cutting techniques used as brushstrokes occurs many times in her process. Using glue, she then creates textures and image aging.

The artist make use of paintings/textures that she likes to shape the scenery and then later adds narratives full of characters and  jokes.
She reinforces the cutting outline without losing integrity and harmony.
Who is the guest of the day: Alex Sernambi

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CONNECTED is a self- portrait life-size sculpture made out of steel, CAT5 and other cables by Kasey McMahon.

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Paintings by Matt Small

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Dog in a bin by Simon Brundret was part of the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2011.

Dog In A Bin, 2008. Sketch Restaurant, Mayfair, London

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Cool paintings made out floppy disks and other outdated media formats by the London artist Nick Gentry.


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All that is unseen – Installation by Matthew Stone

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Sound Sculptures & Installations by Zimoun

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Really cool collage by Winston Chmielinski

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My Schizophrenic Friday Thought

“Take the risk and then see the beauty of explosion!”

Mixed media on aluminium by Keith Tyson

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Mogollon is an art collective founded by the duo artists Francisco Lopez and Monica Brand. The name also means ‘Plenty or Abundance’ in Spanish language.

They are presenting this show at Diesel Art Gallery in Tokyo, Japan until August 14th 2011.

I love when brands support creative stuff. ;D

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