I recently discovered Barth Hess, and his work got my attention because of my growing interest on this intersections between art and design. He is a young dutch artist that works essencially with human bodies and it’s possibilities of recreations using new and existing materials in a very innovative way. He explores several fields as photography, video and 3D experiences, for the development of these mutant creatures that seems to tap into new fantastic worlds. 

From recent experiences we can mention collaborations with prestigious names as Lady Gaga, Palais de Tokyo, Iris Van Herpen and Nick Knight

Besides, Bart Hess has been nominated for de Rotterdam Design Prise, we can vote for him here: http://barthess.nl/vote-for-bart-hess/

Echo is an animation for the National Glassmuseum in Netherlands, created by the artist Bart Hess. Simple but complex, minimalist expression of body and structural form created to encompass the human landscape with fluid movement of object and humanoid shell.

Who is the guest of the day: Camila Farina works developing art, design and contemporary cultural projects at Maria Cultura, is a teacher at Design and Fashion Design Graduation at UniRitter and owns a cute Chinchila called Manuel.

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Photography In Abundance by Eric Kessels presents a million photos uploaded from Flickr, Facebook and Google in one single day of our lives.

Interesting to literally ‘see’ the the huge amount of visual information on a daily basis. This cool installation makes us to realize how much info we consume, share and produce on our digital activities.

Via Daily Mail

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Wax woman embedded with candle wicks by Lenn Cox for the Arnhem Mode Biennale 2011.

Posted by Gus Bozzetti

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Installation by Noam Ben-Jacov


Via noamben-jacov

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Steelman by the well-known artist Florentijn Hofman

A 10 m high concrete bear with a pillow under its arms situated at the Staalmanpleinbuurt, Slotervaart, Amsterdam (NL). Cool to find out how the process worked, following the sculpture being assembled at the warehouse as well as the final details.

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Flower engineering by the floral designer Andreas Verheijen
“Aside from being proposals towards new varieties, the engineering series should primarily be seen as a laboratory towards shape, colour and texture inspired by a botanical imagination.” he explains.

Isn’t that cool? =)

Pictures via: andreasverheijen.com

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Awesome sculptures by Levi Van Veluw

Making use of different materials and patterns, the face is the only constant element.

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