Post-vs-Proto-Renaissance (Handpainted wooden eggs)

Oksana Mas‘s artwork is at the Ukrainian Pavilion at the 2011 Venice Biennale

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Floating Logos by Matt Sieber

Not attached to anything. No poles or stanchions…nothing really make sense. Eliminate the support, the structure and float above the earth.

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The Brit Insurance Designs Awards is taking place at the Design Museum till August 7

The  Croatian -Austrian Collective Numen/For Use are the authors of one of the 100 most innovative and forward thinking designs from around the world that are part of the show, the Tape Installations.

Basically, the installation is made of multiple layers of transparent tape that act like tendons stretched between rigid points and columns.The result is an organic structure that can be experienced from inside as well as out.

In March, they also did an one- night installation on the first floor of the museum made entirely from sticky tape.

See below pictures from the mockup to the final result:

Watch the tape installations in Vienna and Berlin, respectively:

Pictures via the exhibition’s blog: designsoftheyear.com

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More and more street art has been getting space inside galleries and museums.

Being the very first major U.S. museum exhibition of graffiti and street art, MOCA is presenting the exhibition Art in the streets with plenty of installations, graffiti, illustrations and artworks from artists all over the world, including some originals from Banksy, Invader and the Brazilian duo Os Gemeos.

The exhibition started this weekend and runs till August 8th. I wish I could go! ;)

Pictures from: mymodernmet

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Recycled Toy Sculptures by the British artist Robert Bradford

As the curated mag perfect explains: ‘Robert Bradford has made a name for himself with his recycled toy sculptures. The idea of each toy having a history, a story to tell, is actually more important to the artist than the fact that they are being re-used rather than being thrown away. The outcome is at time beautiful and detailed, most of the time life size, sometimes even larger.’

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But not common ones.  They are temporary carpets made of everyday products by the trio  Stijn van der Vleuten, Marcia Nolte and Bob Waardenburg.

See all the creations here!

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114.psd Type by the designer Emilio Gomariz has a perfect execution and a fantastic idea!

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What about using vintage typewriters to create art?

It is what the artist Keira Rathbone does!
As she says: ‘Typing out letters, numbers and symbols in place of brush strokes and pixels results in beautiful enigmatic images.’ We agree Keira! ;)

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Pencil Art

Dalton Ghetti is a Brazilian artist who lives in the USA. He main job is as a carpenter and as a hobby, he carefully and thoroughly crafts the graphite of pencils into unbelievable micro sculptures.

The most curious about his work is that he doesn’t sell them, instead that, he prefers give the pencil arts to friends. Lucky friends, no?!

Along with his other projects, Ghetti is slowly carving a tiny graphite tear for every 9/11 victim. He estimates it will take him 10 years to finish all of them. Usually, he takes a long time to make each pencil art.

What a patient and talent Mr. Guetti!

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See below two of the most impressive works from the controversial and touching Chinese duo artists, Sun Yuan & Peng Yu. They are well-known for making use of odd materials like baby cadavers, for example, and their artwork deals with issues of life, death and the human condition in surreal and confrontational ways.

I had the opportunity to see their work (The Old Persons Home) at Saatchi Gallery in 2008 and since then it was never forgotten.

Old Persons Home is a shocking installation which 13 life-like sculptures are sitting in electric wheelchairs. Once you look carefully you realize that them look like eerily elderly versions of today’s world leaders. They are powerless and senile, all rolling around with their chairs in a geriatric style.

Let’s see how many do you recognize?

Angel is an old winged woman splatted on the floor. It seems real, fragile and sad.

Via Saatchi Gallery

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