Arturo Herrera is a Venezuelan contemporary artist born in 1959, who lives and works in Berlin and New York. Herrera’s work include sculpture, wall painting, photography, collage and more.

Today I would like to highlight his collage works, which he has been practicing since the beginning of his career.

Using fragments of images from founding cartoons and coloring books, he creates a hybrid context that explores the contradiction between memory and strangeness, innocence and brutality.

His collages are near the limit of figuration and very close to abstraction. His work is part of the MOMA‘s collection, in  New York.

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Who is the guest of the day: Bruno Osório is a brazilian artist based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Nick Cave‘s sound suits to start the week very well! ;)

Watch below the recent performance to the opening at Mary Boone Gallery in NY.

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We create our own reality. If you’re not happy with that… create a new one!


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Awesome paintings and drawings by the artist Alexander Ross.
They look like true living organisms! ;D

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The sincere art of Geoffrey Chadsey

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“And then I asked him about life and death. He said with conviction: we are all made from stars”

Moving images by Ignacio Torres
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Xu Bing collected dust from the ruins of the World Trade Center in the aftermath of 9/11 to create his powerful Where Does the Dust Itself Collect(2011). Ten years after the tragedy, the dust was “stenciled” onto a wooden floor surface in the shape of a quotation from a Zen Buddhist poem that says: As there is nothing from the first, / Where does the dust itself collect?”See below some shots of the artist’s process and the final piece.

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Interesting self portraits studies by the photographer Grabriela Herman.

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A-M-A-Z-I-N-G psychedelic artwork by the multidisciplinary artist and musician Yoshi Sodeoka!

The video below was inspired by the spirit of 1970’s progressive rock concept albums, ancient Greek mythology, and shamanic ritual. Cool! ;)

Find out more here.



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Range Rover Evoque is behind the Global Geo Art project and invited OK Go, Henry Holland, Josh Rubin, Natasha Slater, and Mia Freedman, with the Pulse of the City app to digitally draw on the streets of their cities. As part of the project, people all over the world could participate and upload their contents on helloevoque.com, which were selected later by OK Go to be in the film.  The Pulse of the City app allows the user to create vivid data visualizations of their movements across cities, getting the graphical representation of their journeys on the Iphone. Watch the Geo Art video and the Henry Holland’s talk tour in London.

Great to be inspired and start to interact with the cities by creating our own digital giant canvas! ;)

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