Luciana Araujo

Graduated in Fine Arts at FAAP in São Paulo, Luciana also studied illustration at St. Martins Central, in London.  Pop culture and music are a strong reference at a personal universe that she develops in many medias.

Acid humor, nihilism, erotic subjects and subliminal images under fluorescent masks that transpose humanity and bring out the instinct of emotions. Printing and drawing are as well common skills. The artist contributed to many projects and magazines related to fashion and design, and with brands such as Puma and Melissa. She created the Rock Chick label to produce authorial clothes that became famous by the images and objects designed and signed by Luciana. She also had solo exhibitions in galleys such as Adesivo (Porto Alegre) and ROJO Artspace (São Paulo), and grup shows in Needles and Pens (San Francisco) and in both TRANSFER shows (Santander Cultural / Porto Alegre and Pavilhão das Culturas Brasileiras / São Paulo).

Luciana opens a solo show tomorrow, dec, 10, at LOGO Gallery, showing a series of paintings mixed with silkscreen, in different shades of black ink, exploring anthropomorphous animals mostly in erotic situations. The images you see in this post are part of the show, called A Shot in Dark.

Who is the guest of the day: Ana Ferraz – manages commercial and art projects via NOZ.ART, works with Fita Tape (Porto Alegre) and LOGO (São Paulo) gallery and contributes to magazines/websites such as Void, +Soma, Fecal Face, among others.

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Thais Revoire was born in the South of Brazil and nowadays she lives in São Paulo.

She is well -known for developing an original collage style that has its similarities with painting, in which she uses pieces of paper as paintbrush. In fact, these cutting techniques used as brushstrokes occurs many times in her process. Using glue, she then creates textures and image aging.

The artist make use of paintings/textures that she likes to shape the scenery and then later adds narratives full of characters and  jokes.
She reinforces the cutting outline without losing integrity and harmony.
Who is the guest of the day: Alex Sernambi

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When the Brazilian artist Felipe de Mira first started seeing the INSULATION TAPE as a potential ink, a new world came up on his hands. De Mira’s work is marked by its colorful meticulous language and last year he’s found a new way to keep those characteristics and going to a different material and support. What I like the most of this job is how rich the details are regarding surfaces’ size as well as the idea of using an unusual material as a paint.

Who is the guest of the day: Paula Plim is a Brazilian artist that gets inspired from the streets and by ordinary, everyday things. She lives in Porto Alegre and here we can see some of her art works here.


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Feral Family painted by kirsty whiten

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Have a lovely weekend and get inspired by these awesome paintings! ;)

It’s really worth viewing Gerhard Richter website with much more artworks: www.gerhard-richter.com

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Slow down your life today by looking into these dedicate paintings by Hildur Jónsson


Via: hildurjonsson.com

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It’s winter time, it’s cold (at least in London), so Lets then eat cake painted by Paul Ferney ;)


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Paintings by Jason Shawn Alexander


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Oil on wood by Leslie Wayne

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Nocturnal is a solo exhibition by the contemporary artist Snik that I have the pleasure to see on this East First Thursdays at The Gallery, in Shoreditch, London. It runs until 6th November 2011.

With interesting color composition the show presents a different perspective in seeing street art techniques such as stencil into frames and gallery spaces. The paintings are made out of stencil/Acrylic and Inc on canvas or metal.  ;)

[Nocturnal Preview with Snik]

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