Hide and Seek photographic series by the French artist Frederique Daubal.

He cut out pages from fashion magazines and sliced them into fringe, looking like masks similar to Muslim niqābs.

You can find this and many others cool ‘body projects’ in the book Doppelganger, Images of the human being 2011, which is absolutely fantastic!!

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Love, love, love.

I love that idea. And Paris could not be more appropriate for it .

By claire street art

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If you are in Paris, you definitely need to visit the Galerie Orem and see by yourself the latest exhibition of Hong Sung Chul,  from South Korea.

His incredible sculptures done by printing on elastic strings can be seen until November 28.

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Some pictures via Galerie Orem



One of the latest works of the Japanese sculptor and installer Tadashi Kawamata can be seen on the facade of the Centre Pompidou, in Paris until October 23.

Working with simple materials in urban spaces, these birds timber huts contrast with the huge structures of Pompidou and highlights our fragile existence in this world.

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