Nick Cave‘s sound suits to start the week very well! ;)

Watch below the recent performance to the opening at Mary Boone Gallery in NY.

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Dated 1896, more then 100 years ago Loïe Fuller‘s did her famous skirt dance in front of Lumiere Brothers camera. Hand-coloured frame by frame, this is for me the oldest moving sculpture. So, so, beautiful. It is called “Danse Serpentine”. Enjoy!

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A projected light performance influenced by the motion of the audience. This is commissioned by SCAN and KMA.

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I have chosen Bruce Nauman and his powerful neon art to start the week a bit more thoughtful! Have a great one! =)

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Hippy Dialectics by Nathaniel Mellors at the venice art biennale 2011

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Video installation by Spencer Tunick in Vienna.

‘The well-known artist has been documenting the live nude figure in public, with photography and video, since 1992.’

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Interesting self portraits studies by the photographer Grabriela Herman.

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I went to Southbank last weekend and saw this delightful exhibition of Tracey Emin. Her autobiographical art is genuine and intense. Making use of painting, video, text, neon, sculpture and memorabilia the show presents experiences from her own life that explore female sexuality, family and friendship. Well worth a visit!

Her impressive video How it Feels recounts her abortion experience in details while love is a strange thing plays a funny performance between her and a dog. Why I never became a dancer, where she is dancing very casual, is another video performance that I love it. It’s a shame I couldn’t record or find them on the internet. ;/

See below part of the show:

I’ve got it all (about the impossibility of having a baby)

The Blanket Reads


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Bronson Caves by Brice Bichhoff

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Range Rover Evoque is behind the Global Geo Art project and invited OK Go, Henry Holland, Josh Rubin, Natasha Slater, and Mia Freedman, with the Pulse of the City app to digitally draw on the streets of their cities. As part of the project, people all over the world could participate and upload their contents on helloevoque.com, which were selected later by OK Go to be in the film.  The Pulse of the City app allows the user to create vivid data visualizations of their movements across cities, getting the graphical representation of their journeys on the Iphone. Watch the Geo Art video and the Henry Holland’s talk tour in London.

Great to be inspired and start to interact with the cities by creating our own digital giant canvas! ;)

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