Sometimes heroes might seem more fragile than us. ;D

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Digital artist Michael Tompert and photographer Paul Fairchild transformed our favorite Apple gadgets such as Iphone, Ipad and Macs into conceptual art. By shooting, smashing and burning them they managed to create some unique sculptures. They collaborated together to create 12 large format photographs of the destroyed products for this 12LVE exhibition.

According to Tompert, his artwork  is meant to critique our obsession with Apple products and techno-consumption in general.

I like the great visual impact and the idea of such a ‘rebellion’ against Apple, even though I love the brand.

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‘The pig that therefore I am’ is the latest work by the New York-based artist Miru Kim , which explores the similarities between animals and humans. The photos took place in an industrial farm with three hundred pound pigs.


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Cool and beautiful digital art, mixing classic movies and their pallet of colors.

Gone with the Wind (1939)

Bambi (1942)

Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Scarface (1983)

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

You can buy them here

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Mushrooms on a gif

Muushs and video works by Portland artist Brenna Murphy

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Watch the other video works here.

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