Sound Sculptures & Installations by Zimoun

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Discreet and This thing has music by the Sound Artist Carina Levitan

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Via levitan.com.br/carina/

You can also find her work in the post #74



Visual and sound performances by Franz Rosati



Carina Levitan is a musician, sound artist and sound designer with loads of creativity and talent.

One of  her latest works is a performance entitled a bike, a suitcase and an umbrella.

As she explains: “This is a musical instrument/sound sculpture, which I play in a performance. Found objects, opened radios, cassette tapes and home appliances make this installation. It is divided in three main structures: a bike, a suitcase and an umbrella working simultaneously in the performance.

Human mistakes, subjectivity, improvisation, machines, smell, noise and touch, chaos and order, big cities, fruit with no taste, paradox, contradiction, imagination, mixture . . . are few words which this project came across.”

Watch her videos here!

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