New interesting doc series about street art that you can watch on their website here.

Check out the trailler and the two first episodes to have a taste.

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Nocturnal is a solo exhibition by the contemporary artist Snik that I have the pleasure to see on this East First Thursdays at The Gallery, in Shoreditch, London. It runs until 6th November 2011.

With interesting color composition the show presents a different perspective in seeing street art techniques such as stencil into frames and gallery spaces. The paintings are made out of stencil/Acrylic and Inc on canvas or metal.  ;)

[Nocturnal Preview with Snik]

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Some highlights of the Moniker Art Fair in London.


[Wall painted by D*face]

[Inside] [Txemy]

[“Made in China”. Artwork made out of more than 5.000 soldiers by Joe Black]



[Matt Small]

[“A Pill a Day”. Bronze sculpture by Beejoir]

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Graffiiti Wars

Awesome documentary that examines a bit further the battle between Robbo and Banksy (here a previous post), as well as giving some thoughtful insights on the graffitti and street art scene in London.

You can watch online:

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 “Banksy has no balls’ instead of the original “No ball games”.

The eternal battle between the street artists Robbo and Banksy in London!

(Original Banksy’s stencil at Regent’s Canal)

(Robbo vc Banksy’s grafitti intervention)

Find out the other interventions here.

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Giant animals by ROA

If you live in East London you will find this post a common place especially because you have already seen these graffiti on the streets. However, I would like to show this artwork for everyone that appreciates street art. I love it and I always smile when I walk past one of these giants on the street. Thanks ROA for cheering up my days. ;)

(Great Eastern St)

(Club Row St)

(Hackney Road)

(Car Parking at Hackney Road)

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Check out the artist EL Mac painting his grandma-in-law in Ho Chi MInh city, Vietnam.

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My idea is to start contributing to @artoftheday_ by posting here works that explorer the creative process behind each artist.

This live painting (video below) by the internationally-known artist duo Herakut was made during the Moniker Art Fair in London last October.

As they explain: The unique strength and startling tension of a Herakut piece, whether it is painted on wall or canvas, derives from their bold concept of mixing two extremely contrasting artistic styles: Akut´s top level spraypaint-photorealism and Hera´s rough but imaginative illustrations with can and pencil.

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Yesterday it was raining (crap weather) and I was walking near Oxford Street in London when I saw a guy lying on the floor full of tools, inks and brushes. He was observing a building while painting over a tiny chewing gum. Yes, it was Ben Wilson, the artist that I have mentioned here before. He was painting the Centre Point (one of London’s tallest buildings) on pieces of discarded chewing gum. He was also trying to avoid police attention since street art like that is illegal in London.

Have bumped into him made my day, not just because he is a talented artist who has lovely artworks, but also because we had a great chat and he was so friendly.

It was my pleasure Ben. ;)

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Range Rover Evoque is behind the Global Geo Art project and invited OK Go, Henry Holland, Josh Rubin, Natasha Slater, and Mia Freedman, with the Pulse of the City app to digitally draw on the streets of their cities. As part of the project, people all over the world could participate and upload their contents on helloevoque.com, which were selected later by OK Go to be in the film.  The Pulse of the City app allows the user to create vivid data visualizations of their movements across cities, getting the graphical representation of their journeys on the Iphone. Watch the Geo Art video and the Henry Holland’s talk tour in London.

Great to be inspired and start to interact with the cities by creating our own digital giant canvas! ;)

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