Silver Streak, a giant gorilla’s sculpture made of hangers by David Mach was one of the main attractions at the V&A, as part of the London Design Festival 2011

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This post is for those who didn’t have the opportunity to see the remarkable exhibition by Jake and Dinos Chapman that finished last week at the White Cube galleries.

In Mayfair’s White Cube, the Nazis were looking at the paintings on the walls. In the Hoxton’s gallery you would take a while to realise that all those mini children were actually sculptures, just to later look at their animal faces. So impressive. However, what I liked the most was the ‘evil chapel’ on the second floor, full of busts of saints shockingly deformed.

At the end of the video below, there is a view of the chapel, don’t miss that out. ;D

Picture via Guardian

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Graffiiti Wars

Awesome documentary that examines a bit further the battle between Robbo and Banksy (here a previous post), as well as giving some thoughtful insights on the graffitti and street art scene in London.

You can watch online:

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Large scale paintings of deformed faces and bodies by Jenny Saville

(That one was presented in the Lecture Room of the Royal Academy’s 243rd Summer Exhibition 2011)

(She makes use of her own body in most of her paintings)

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Close-Ups by Tais Chierenberg

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Personal Gods by the British artist Cat Johnston

(The God of Eyes)

(The God of Wasps)

(God of Hair. Detail:  it has real human hair)

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HEDGEHOG. Wood engraving artwork by Ann Tout

Have a great week folks! =)

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Ron Arad presents Curtain Call at Round House

‘A curtain made of 5,600 silicon cords, suspended from an 18 metre diameter ring – a canvas for films, live performance and audience interaction.’

It’s an awesome interactive 360° installation including work by 11 artists and students from the Royal College of Art. Check out the artists here.

Have a glimpse at these random pics and the simple video that I’ve made.

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London Riots / Crimes of The Unheard by WH Seo

‘The work is loosely based on a picture of a burning bus in Tottenham. Buses under everyday circumstances are very functional things. They take you places, often in my experience places where you want to be. Buses are different to tube trains. You can see where you are going, you can see where you are, and you can see the world of the city taking place before your very eyes…The bus in the picture is not taking anyone anywhere, this bus has no driver and this bus has no passengers. This bus has turned into something else, teeming with rage and negativity. This bus has lost its purpose, it can still see but it has nowhere to go its wheels are molten plastic stuck to the tarmac. This bus is alive with frustration and resentment with revulsion of itself and anything around it, spitting and spraying flames.’

Read the full text here

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(Mare Street, 4pm, August 9, 2011)

London Riots in Hackney by Leon Mark & Ruben Moreira


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