My idea is to start contributing to @artoftheday_ by posting here works that explorer the creative process behind each artist.

This live painting (video below) by the internationally-known artist duo Herakut was made during the Moniker Art Fair in London last October.

As they explain: The unique strength and startling tension of a Herakut piece, whether it is painted on wall or canvas, derives from their bold concept of mixing two extremely contrasting artistic styles: Akut´s top level spraypaint-photorealism and Hera´s rough but imaginative illustrations with can and pencil.

Posted by Gus Bozzetti

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Robert Montgomery‘s powerful outdoor messages are food for thought! ;D

I saw this first billboard close to the place I live in London and found it memorable!

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Yesterday it was raining (crap weather) and I was walking near Oxford Street in London when I saw a guy lying on the floor full of tools, inks and brushes. He was observing a building while painting over a tiny chewing gum. Yes, it was Ben Wilson, the artist that I have mentioned here before. He was painting the Centre Point (one of London’s tallest buildings) on pieces of discarded chewing gum. He was also trying to avoid police attention since street art like that is illegal in London.

Have bumped into him made my day, not just because he is a talented artist who has lovely artworks, but also because we had a great chat and he was so friendly.

It was my pleasure Ben. ;)

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Floating Logos by Matt Sieber

Not attached to anything. No poles or stanchions…nothing really make sense. Eliminate the support, the structure and float above the earth.

Posted by Fe Marth

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Range Rover Evoque is behind the Global Geo Art project and invited OK Go, Henry Holland, Josh Rubin, Natasha Slater, and Mia Freedman, with the Pulse of the City app to digitally draw on the streets of their cities. As part of the project, people all over the world could participate and upload their contents on helloevoque.com, which were selected later by OK Go to be in the film.  The Pulse of the City app allows the user to create vivid data visualizations of their movements across cities, getting the graphical representation of their journeys on the Iphone. Watch the Geo Art video and the Henry Holland’s talk tour in London.

Great to be inspired and start to interact with the cities by creating our own digital giant canvas! ;)

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This week my posts will be entirely about cool exhibitions that are taking place in London now. I’ve been personally to them and just didn’t have time to post before. But now, here we go!

If you are in London, you still have time to go and check them out. If you are far away, the blog will give you a taste. ;)

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Laurie Anderson, Trisha Brown, Gordon Matta-Clark: Pioneers of the Downtown Scene NY 1970s at Barbican Centre till May 12

Performance artist and musician Laurie Anderson, choreographer Trisha Brown and artist Gordon Matta-Clark were friends and active participants in the New York art community in the early 70s (recession times), working fluidly between visual art and performance with the city as their backdrop.

They were well-known for taking over the empty factories and warehouses in the downtown area south of Houston street, now known as Soho. The Barbican’s exhibition attempts to recreate that scene.

Below, there is a great view of the exhibition:


Man walking down the side of a building

Walking on the wall 2011

Leaning duets

Floor of the Forest




Days in Pier – Removing part of the buildings


At the Shrink’s

The Electric Chair

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But not common ones.  They are temporary carpets made of everyday products by the trio  Stijn van der Vleuten, Marcia Nolte and Bob Waardenburg.

See all the creations here!

Via wemakecarpets.wordpress.com

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JR and the street art that change the world

Here we see a different street art – less focused on the artist’s mark as an individual and more about drawing attention to places and the people who live there.  One of his cool projects is called Inside Out and you can be part of it . He won TED ‘s 2011 award. Check his video , it’s brilliant!!!!
By Fe marth



Simple and creative artwork by Helmut Smits.

Rainbow, 2010

As Far as I Can Reach (Aura), 2011

Check out his website here



The East London Spiky Potato

Heading home in a double deck bus from east London I could realize there was something strange going on at the bus stands. You may have noticed these sputniks if you live or have visited London. They are the latest wave of alien potatoes to colonise the rppfs bus shelters and are the work of the artist No Nose. Well, these cute colorful spiky potatoes made my day. Look how cool they are. And pay attention on your next journey. You never know what you gonna find!

Posted by Fe Marth

Via http://www.flickr.com/photos/nonose/