Nocturnal is a solo exhibition by the contemporary artist Snik that I have the pleasure to see on this East First Thursdays at The Gallery, in Shoreditch, London. It runs until 6th November 2011.

With interesting color composition the show presents a different perspective in seeing street art techniques such as stencil into frames and gallery spaces. The paintings are made out of stencil/Acrylic and Inc on canvas or metal.  ;)

[Nocturnal Preview with Snik]

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Graffiiti Wars

Awesome documentary that examines a bit further the battle between Robbo and Banksy (here a previous post), as well as giving some thoughtful insights on the graffitti and street art scene in London.

You can watch online:

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 “Banksy has no balls’ instead of the original “No ball games”.

The eternal battle between the street artists Robbo and Banksy in London!

(Original Banksy’s stencil at Regent’s Canal)

(Robbo vc Banksy’s grafitti intervention)

Find out the other interventions here.

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More and more street art has been getting space inside galleries and museums.

Being the very first major U.S. museum exhibition of graffiti and street art, MOCA is presenting the exhibition Art in the streets with plenty of installations, graffiti, illustrations and artworks from artists all over the world, including some originals from Banksy, Invader and the Brazilian duo Os Gemeos.

The exhibition started this weekend and runs till August 8th. I wish I could go! ;)

Pictures from: mymodernmet

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A simple and creative stencil related with spill oil by an anonymous artist in Brentford, London.

Via Artofthestate



Today, October 3rd, is the election day in Brazil, when people are choosing the new president, governors, senators and deputies for the following 4 years.

To contrast with this serious scenario, an irreverent street art stencil (below) was made (by anonymous artist) within the prostitution area of Porto Alegre, in the south of Brazil.

As an irreverent and controversial ‘picture of reality’ we can see the main candidates running for president as if they were offering themselves as whores, since it is well-known that Brazil has a notorious history regarding politics, being one of the most corrupts countries in the world.

Via @Bruno_Osorio_

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