Awesome illustrations seen on the fabulous Nobrow MAG by London-based artist Eda Akaltun
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This is a cool project made out of 12 short films by the director Jim Helton. The idea is to show the process in which the artist Chris Rubino try new work directions.

The films can be seen here:  http://www.lovekillsdemons.com/

Watch the trailler below.  Posted by Gus Bozzetti

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Cute, cozy and delicate drawings and paintings by Lisa Congdon ;)


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Mogollon is an art collective founded by the duo artists Francisco Lopez and Monica Brand. The name also means ‘Plenty or Abundance’ in Spanish language.

They are presenting this show at Diesel Art Gallery in Tokyo, Japan until August 14th 2011.

I love when brands support creative stuff. ;D

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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Osama bin Laden and Obama’s controversial portraits are the latest artwork by the artist UBIK

Dazed and Confused did a recent interview with him that can be read here. ;)

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The only interesting answers are those that destroy the questions. Cosmic inspiration by Karen Arm.

For those who believe… Lots of love in this long royal holiday : )

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“Organise the chaos” is one of the latest issues in my everyday-life.
Help me John Jerome O’Connor and your talent to come up with these brilliant structures.
Via johnjoconnor.net/
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More and more street art has been getting space inside galleries and museums.

Being the very first major U.S. museum exhibition of graffiti and street art, MOCA is presenting the exhibition Art in the streets with plenty of installations, graffiti, illustrations and artworks from artists all over the world, including some originals from Banksy, Invader and the Brazilian duo Os Gemeos.

The exhibition started this weekend and runs till August 8th. I wish I could go! ;)

Pictures from: mymodernmet

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Stanley Donwood and Radiohead Identity:

“I was down in Cornwall, working as a tree surgeon, and walking along the lane when a big black Limousine pulled up. Wiry hands, strengthened by years of playing tricky chord changes grabbed me, speechless, into the car. “Is he the one?” I heard. “The cards never lie Johnny!” came to reply. There was some spooky chanting, then everything went black. It’s only just coming back to me.”  –  about how his relationship with Radiohead started.

See below some of his famous ”London Views” artwork:


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Stitched illustrations by Peter Crawley

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