When the Brazilian artist Felipe de Mira first started seeing the INSULATION TAPE as a potential ink, a new world came up on his hands. De Mira’s work is marked by its colorful meticulous language and last year he’s found a new way to keep those characteristics and going to a different material and support. What I like the most of this job is how rich the details are regarding surfaces’ size as well as the idea of using an unusual material as a paint.

Who is the guest of the day: Paula Plim is a Brazilian artist that gets inspired from the streets and by ordinary, everyday things. She lives in Porto Alegre and here we can see some of her art works here.


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The Brit Insurance Designs Awards is taking place at the Design Museum till August 7

The  Croatian -Austrian Collective Numen/For Use are the authors of one of the 100 most innovative and forward thinking designs from around the world that are part of the show, the Tape Installations.

Basically, the installation is made of multiple layers of transparent tape that act like tendons stretched between rigid points and columns.The result is an organic structure that can be experienced from inside as well as out.

In March, they also did an one- night installation on the first floor of the museum made entirely from sticky tape.

See below pictures from the mockup to the final result:

Watch the tape installations in Vienna and Berlin, respectively:

Pictures via the exhibition’s blog: designsoftheyear.com

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I bumped into many great works made by Tape Art during this year. Street style, ‘paintings’, portraits or even a wall covered by artistic tape (exposed at the beginning of the year at the bar Jaguar shoes , in London) give us the ideia how irreverent this technique is.

Here is the compilation of some of that! ;-)

1. ORTO. It is a collective of art, from Slovenia, which abuse of the coloured tapes to make their street art. Beautiful result and cool footage.

ORTO website: http://www.orto.si/tapeart/

Via Zupi

2. The portraits bellow were made by the artist Erika Iris Simmons, who works with non-traditional media, including Tape Art. The two portraits of musicians were made out of recycled cassette tape with original cassette which is part of a serie entitled ‘Ghost in the Machine’.

Iris website and flickr: http://www.iri5.com/Portfolio.html http://www.flickr.com/photos/iri5/sets/72157611954107572/

3. Mark Kraisman, Ukrainian artist who lives and works in the USA. Kraisman achieves very impressive results in images that  look like paintings when seen from the distance. In this approach, he overlaps different numbers of layers of the tape to make brighter or darker areas, creating shades and volumes. Everything is made on a light box where the background is illuminated to show the piece in all its splendor.
In one of his series, he took frames from his favourite movies and recreated them with stunning details.
These ones bellow are from Hitchcook’s thrillers “The 39 Steps” and “Spellbound”.

Mark website: http://www.khaismanstudio.com/

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