Digressing from the latest trends of image processing perfections, Alex Sernambi offers an insight into the beauty of crude and fictional collages.

He translates his taste for the interpretation of an imaginative and symbolic future into an exclusive images exhibition titled About Tomorrow at ECARTA in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The show presents the work of three different artists, focusing in a collective imagery about the future with humor and irreverence.

See exclusive images gallery below for highlights from the show.

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Rochele Zandavalli is a versatile Brazilian artist that mixes photography with different techniques (from projection to sewing) in inspiring and unexpected ways.

Her first major exhibition Rever (exclusive pics at the bottom) is part of a project that aims to incentivise new Brazilian talents. The show will run until April 29th at Santander Cultural, in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

[I don’t like looking at the sea. I lose the interest in the ground]

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Today, October 3rd, is the election day in Brazil, when people are choosing the new president, governors, senators and deputies for the following 4 years.

To contrast with this serious scenario, an irreverent street art stencil (below) was made (by anonymous artist) within the prostitution area of Porto Alegre, in the south of Brazil.

As an irreverent and controversial ‘picture of reality’ we can see the main candidates running for president as if they were offering themselves as whores, since it is well-known that Brazil has a notorious history regarding politics, being one of the most corrupts countries in the world.

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I’ve always wanted to know who the artist behind this performance is. Any idea?

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