DAVID BOWIE IS!! I had an honour to go to Bowie’s exhibition preview at the V&A in London this year and  I finally had time to finish off the video about it with exclusive interview + footage from the show. ENJOY IT!!



Ultraviolet Beauties by Cara Phillips simulates dermatological test results in an impressive outcome.  The ultraviolet photography highlights the invisible damage caused by the sun by showing the pigmentation underneath the skins’ surface. Scary and beautiful at the same time.

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Digressing from the latest trends of image processing perfections, Alex Sernambi offers an insight into the beauty of crude and fictional collages.

He translates his taste for the interpretation of an imaginative and symbolic future into an exclusive images exhibition titled About Tomorrow at ECARTA in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The show presents the work of three different artists, focusing in a collective imagery about the future with humor and irreverence.

See exclusive images gallery below for highlights from the show.

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The Vanitas is a current contemporary exhibition at Sutton House (Tudor home built in 1531) in Hackney, London. Using different techniques, the artists Iluá Hauck da Silva, Sophia Schorr-Kon, Alice Hodge, and Lawrence Owen explore the Vanitas theme, based on the Dutch painting style of the XVI and XVII centuries.

The art of dining is a side project that is also worth a look. It takes the atmosphere of the show to incorporate food, art and design in five-day pop up banquet. Check out the next one here

[Iluá Hauck da Silva, ‘Veins of Vanity’ ]

[Sophia Schorr-Kon, “Delphines Call’ ]

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The Damien Hirst‘s exhibition (with all his key works from over twenty years) at Tate Modern is absolutely unmissable and can be quite disturbing as well.

I’ve taken a few pictures with my phone and here are the ones that highlight his work on death or life.

[Him, “With Dead Head”]

[All mosaics made out of butterflies]

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Rochele Zandavalli is a versatile Brazilian artist that mixes photography with different techniques (from projection to sewing) in inspiring and unexpected ways.

Her first major exhibition Rever (exclusive pics at the bottom) is part of a project that aims to incentivise new Brazilian talents. The show will run until April 29th at Santander Cultural, in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

[I don’t like looking at the sea. I lose the interest in the ground]

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We are back after a short break! To show up our happiness and to say hello again, I brought the lovely heads and faces made out of ceramic material by Claire Loder! ;)

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I recently discovered Barth Hess, and his work got my attention because of my growing interest on this intersections between art and design. He is a young dutch artist that works essencially with human bodies and it’s possibilities of recreations using new and existing materials in a very innovative way. He explores several fields as photography, video and 3D experiences, for the development of these mutant creatures that seems to tap into new fantastic worlds. 

From recent experiences we can mention collaborations with prestigious names as Lady Gaga, Palais de Tokyo, Iris Van Herpen and Nick Knight

Besides, Bart Hess has been nominated for de Rotterdam Design Prise, we can vote for him here: http://barthess.nl/vote-for-bart-hess/

Echo is an animation for the National Glassmuseum in Netherlands, created by the artist Bart Hess. Simple but complex, minimalist expression of body and structural form created to encompass the human landscape with fluid movement of object and humanoid shell.

Who is the guest of the day: Camila Farina works developing art, design and contemporary cultural projects at Maria Cultura, is a teacher at Design and Fashion Design Graduation at UniRitter and owns a cute Chinchila called Manuel.

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Felipe Barbosa

Brazilian artist Felipe Barbosa (born 1978, lives in Rio de Janeiro) re-contextualizes common materials and accentuates their formal qualities by creating repetitive yet dynamic compositions. Although constructed manually, his sculptures are indicative of the mass-production process used to manufacture the materials.

Familiar objects are cast away on their application by altering their physical compositions and creating unexpected and formally engaging situations. In doing so, the artist shifts the focus from usage/intent to formal qualities, allowing new ideas and associations inherent to the materiality of the object to be more recognized. Barbosa’s practice is centered on recycling materials and highlighting their design elements and iconographic presence in a cultural context.

Soft and cuddly creatures are covered with novelty firecrackers, depleting their affectionate quality and making them threatening. Barbosa’s ability to alter an object’s physicality and meaning makes its mark again on a sculpture made out of readymade doghouses. Toys and soccer balls become inoperative, as the doghouses are uninhabitable and clear reference to the favelas in Brazil.

Accumulation is the mandatory word in Barbosa’s work, and its vehicle to accumulated objects to obtain meaning. This becomes possible through assembling schemes, fitting, splicing, contrast, combination, and results.

The last two pieces displayed here are from my personal collection.

Who is the guest of the day: Thiago Noronha is a designer. And Tomie’s daddy.

Video (in Portuguese)

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Luciana Araujo

Graduated in Fine Arts at FAAP in São Paulo, Luciana also studied illustration at St. Martins Central, in London.  Pop culture and music are a strong reference at a personal universe that she develops in many medias.

Acid humor, nihilism, erotic subjects and subliminal images under fluorescent masks that transpose humanity and bring out the instinct of emotions. Printing and drawing are as well common skills. The artist contributed to many projects and magazines related to fashion and design, and with brands such as Puma and Melissa. She created the Rock Chick label to produce authorial clothes that became famous by the images and objects designed and signed by Luciana. She also had solo exhibitions in galleys such as Adesivo (Porto Alegre) and ROJO Artspace (São Paulo), and grup shows in Needles and Pens (San Francisco) and in both TRANSFER shows (Santander Cultural / Porto Alegre and Pavilhão das Culturas Brasileiras / São Paulo).

Luciana opens a solo show tomorrow, dec, 10, at LOGO Gallery, showing a series of paintings mixed with silkscreen, in different shades of black ink, exploring anthropomorphous animals mostly in erotic situations. The images you see in this post are part of the show, called A Shot in Dark.

Who is the guest of the day: Ana Ferraz – manages commercial and art projects via NOZ.ART, works with Fita Tape (Porto Alegre) and LOGO (São Paulo) gallery and contributes to magazines/websites such as Void, +Soma, Fecal Face, among others.

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