Awesome paintings and drawings by the artist Alexander Ross.
They look like true living organisms! ;D

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This is a cool project made out of 12 short films by the director Jim Helton. The idea is to show the process in which the artist Chris Rubino try new work directions.

The films can be seen here:  http://www.lovekillsdemons.com/

Watch the trailler below.  Posted by Gus Bozzetti

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Drawings by Landon Graves

I love this idea of missing body parts in the drawing. This absence of the whole is in a way very similar with how our memories work: in fragments, so fragile, that even using the most powerful technologies, our minds cannot remember 100% of scenes and facts, otherwise we would get insane.

Have a lovely week, with plenty of gaps! ;D

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Cute, cozy and delicate drawings and paintings by Lisa Congdon ;)


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‘Fox’s drawings depict a phantasmagorical journey through the detritus and mythology of pop culture.’

I was on my way home when I stumbled upon this lovely opening reception at Daniel Blau, in Hoxton Square, London. The exhibition runs till August 10. It’s worth a visit! ;)

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I went to Southbank last weekend and saw this delightful exhibition of Tracey Emin. Her autobiographical art is genuine and intense. Making use of painting, video, text, neon, sculpture and memorabilia the show presents experiences from her own life that explore female sexuality, family and friendship. Well worth a visit!

Her impressive video How it Feels recounts her abortion experience in details while love is a strange thing plays a funny performance between her and a dog. Why I never became a dancer, where she is dancing very casual, is another video performance that I love it. It’s a shame I couldn’t record or find them on the internet. ;/

See below part of the show:

I’ve got it all (about the impossibility of having a baby)

The Blanket Reads


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Replicant Memories by the Mexican artist Alexis Mata, aka Ciler

In this interesting and detailed series, the artist “maps a post-reality in which both, body and mind are absorbed into and re-fabricated within the imaginary of the simulacrum, like collective future memories of a past that never happened, a massive short -circuit of the eternal return.”

These paintings were part of an exhibition at YAUTEPEC Gallery in Mexico City last month.

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ATRA, an ‘exhibition book’

The astonishing artwork of the talented Brazilian artist Bruno Novelli (the guy in the first picture) is about to be exhibited simultaneously in two different cities around the world: Buenos Aires (AR) and Porto Alegre (BR) are the lucky cities.

Starting tomorrow, ATRA will present unpretentious and casual drawings created during his painting breaks. And a splendid 20 limited edition book will be available as another way to see and support the show.

See part of the exhibition below (the B/W draws) and find out more info here.

The other colored paintings are not part of the show, but were finalized in 2011 too. Enjoy! ;)

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“Organise the chaos” is one of the latest issues in my everyday-life.
Help me John Jerome O’Connor and your talent to come up with these brilliant structures.
Via johnjoconnor.net/
Posted by Fe Marth

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Performance and visual art by Tony Orrico.

Perfect technique, calculation, symmetry and body control are key in his excellent performances. And the final result is also fantastic.

Check out some drawings and the video performances.

Via warmenhoven-venderbos

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